KAABOO Texas: AMPLIFY Your Experience with VIP Passes


We’re nearly there! The first ever KAABOO Texas is about to kick off at AT&T Stadium, and we are so pumped to show you everything that Texas has to offer. Although the ever-popular LONE STAR (GA) 3-day pass guarantees a spectacular weekend, we want to share a few details on what the VIP experience has to offer.

Priority Access Lane at Event Entrances

Not a fan of waiting in line? Upgrading to BLUE STAR, ROCKSTAR or ULTIMATE HANG gives you access to the fast lane at KAABOO. Don’t miss a minute of your favorite band, comedian, culinary savant or visual artist and enjoy smooth sailing into AT&T stadium and the surrounding grounds.


Premium Stage Viewing

BLUE STAR and above gain access to exclusive viewing areas at each stage. Escape the crowds and sit back in a private seating area designed around you and your squad’s comfort. With plenty of room to roam around and find the perfect spot, there’s no need to feel rushed or crowded.


Private AMPLIFY-Only Performances

What could be better than seeing your favorite artist live on stage? Seeing them live right in front of you for an exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime show as a KAABOO AMPLIFY VIP guest.


BLUE STAR, ROCKSTAR and ULTIMATE HANG passes all come with access to private lounges throughout the venue. Enjoy the luxuries of our state-of-the-art AT&T stadium home while watching your favorite performers take the stage. These VIP lounges are a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the larger event.

In just over a week you’ll be dancing to some truly amazing tunes, laughing out loud with some hilarious comedians, sampling some seriously delicious bites, and taking in the exquisite art. Why not kick it up a notch and enjoy KAABOO weekend as a VIP? Still not convinced? Check out more details on what comes with an AMPLIFY VIP pass here. We’ll see you in May!